The Wisconsin Fundability Index

At the Wisconsin School of Business, we spend a great deal of time teaching about identifying and evaluating opportunities in our entrepreneurship classes.  One of the biggest concerns of entrepreneurs, at all stages of small business, is how likely are they to receive funding for the idea and/or existing business.

The following link takes you to a ‘The Wisconsin School of Business Fundability Index’ survey developed at the School of Business and adapted from existing surveys and related research.  The survey, meant to be taken in fun, provides a score of 0 to 100 in total and a per question.  The higher the score, the more favorable that your idea/venture will receive funding.

Again, this is no guarantee of funding but only meant as a guide.  The variables in the survey are typically variables that investors, bankers, and others view as important in correlating with funding.  As we all know, each funding deal is unique and there are a lot of variables that can’t be accounted for or quantified.

So, feel free to take the survey and if you have questions, please feel free to leave a question at the contact address of the survey.

Link:  Fundability Survey


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